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Monday, April 10, 2006

brooding on orange

I've got lots of orange going on lately, but not a lot of pics to share.

I bought some great heavy cotton in a multi stripe (with lots of orange) on Friday. I also bought some wide grossgrain ribbon with pink and orange daisies. Those are going to be a tote bag, someday if I ever start sewing again.

I also bought a ball of Sugar 'n' Cream in hot orange. Billy laid claim to it as soon as he saw it through the Joann bag. Good thing I had bought it with him in mind. I'm making up some washcloths for him. I finished one (garter stitch on US 10s, 14" straight US 10s, I don't know what I was thinking). I'm almost halfway through a seed stitch one.

I printed out the broadripple sock pattern from Knitty so I can start those in my pumpkin fixation stripes.

I think I've got April covered for Project Spectrum. May will be Hubby's Kelly Green Aran. June will be his St. Andrew's Flag sweater. July will be a ribby in calmer for me (Joy, which is the purple, and sour). August will be M-i-L's birthday sweater in brindle (a blend of neutrals). It's kind of srange to me that I'll have all the colors covered except Red, which is my staple wardrobe color (at least for shirts, I don't wear red pants).

Billy told me I could post this for you, until I have some pics of my own orange projects to put up.

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