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Monday, October 03, 2005

FO weekend!

I finished up the BBB socks on the bus home Friday night. Here they are fresh from their on the office floor, with flash, photo shoot. (Why yes, we did have a beautiful sunny weekend in NJ. Why didn't I get some natural light shots? I guess because I'm still thinking they might be a surprise.) For the specs, I started these 9/4 and finished 9/30. They were knit on 4 US3 DPNs in Phildar Preface. I think they're not going to wear too well, the fabric's not very dense, but I was concerned about the yardage and the foot size. Next pair I knit of the Preface, I'm going down to US2s. I followed the same basic pattern I used for the first pair of Hubby socks, but I winged the heel a bit. It's a pretty basic short-row heel like on the BMG footies. I hope he likes them. They went a lot faster than I thought they would.

I also wove in the last ends on Fillie last night. I almost had the sweater finished Saturday night, but somehow dropped a stitch on the button hole band and ripped it out. (It was only two rows and it was getting late and I just wanted to cuddle with Molly.) I just have to sew on the buttons tonight and I'll get a photo shoot in. We're planning another stitching lunch on Thursday, so I'm going to wear her to work.

I started swatching for my mom's birthday sweater. I got gauge on the third needle I tried. Unfortunately, I don't have a US7 circ I really like anymore (my favorite disappeared at Stitches), so I'm going to The Point at lunch to see if they have what I think I want and if not I'll stop at Purl. So, I'm going to be a one-knit gal for a while. Totally concentrated on Mom's sweater. I'm using some Rowan DK soft in a lovely rose color. And it's going to be Shadow from the Calmer collection. I love Kim Hargreaves's designs in this book. I want to eventually knit them all!

It was a fun weekend. Billy and I went to the playground both mornings. We had a great time at our friend's son's first birthday party. Billy was spectacular, especially with no nap. It was great to be with him with so many kids. Now, if only he'd get over this darn cough!

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