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Thursday, April 13, 2006

you know you want the orange

I am making orange converts. Come over to the bright side ladies. The best news about the broadripples is that they are cotton, so even though the weather is improving, I can still wear them as soon as I finish.

In other orange news, I ordered some of this from Elann yesterday. In parrot orange of course. It's going to be a little raglan cardi for the B for the spring/summer/hot early fall whilst he can't wear his Ronan. It looks snoogly.

In non-orange knitting news, I have finished the knitting of the first stocking. I'm going to wash it, lace it, and send it up to the bride-to-be for a try on. No sense in knitting two that don't fit!

It was an interesting night chez Netter. Hubby and I have to go meet with our daycare director and lead care giver. Seems Billy is the terror of the center. He's now hitting and poking kids in the eyes. Of course the little note in the lunch box prompted a huge argument, but we're just stumped on what to do. How can we control behavior that's not happening at home? (Y'all got some deja vue going on, because I do.) He's two! It's not like my "speaking to him" is going to do a whole lot of good. Meh. She should just take her whistle and drill-sergeant attitude and go with the toddler flow.

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