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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You know, the calendar is often wrong

If it weren't for the fact that I've seen robins, daffodils, and some forsythia blossoms, I would think that my calendar was a few weeks ahead of schedule. Man, it is cold here today. It was 24 F in Central Park this morning and we're expecting a high of 42 today, 47 for tomorrow, and a balmy 49 for Thursday and Friday. I really, really want to take Billy outside this weekend, but it's going to be cool and rainy and since he's got a thick, wet cough*, it will be indoor play for us again all weekend.

Knitting on Cigar is finished. I completed the second, striped sleeve last night watching TV. I had a bit of an anxious time with 20 sets of decreases to go because I thought I was going to run out of Ivy, but I didn't. I still have a bit left. I really want to wait to wash and block Thursday night after dinner so I can use the dining room table, but I worry that it won't be dry in time for an all-day seaming affair Saturday. I really should clear off the guest bed tonight and start the blocking right away so I can stretch out the seaming and only have the zipper install for Saturday and Sunday. Well, and the zipper buying. I hate blocking on the guest bed, though. It's low and requires much bending. I have no pics right now. Maybe when he's all laid out and blocking, but definitely a full FO report (with serious notes and a try-on pic) Monday after gifting.

I've brought Ronan to work with me today. I should be able to get the sleeves finished tomorrow and start that seaming as well. Here is a pic of the finished fronts and back and what I've got done on the sleeves. I just realized this morning that I have to rip about 8 rows because one set of increases is missing on the longer sleeve, not that you can tell which is the longer sleeve. But, I am happy to be working on this again. Not just because it was supposed to be for Billy's birthday, but because I love to work with Cork. It's so sproingy and soft and when knitting this color, I keep thinking my hands should be orange like they are when you eat cheetos. Wouldn't that make you happy, too?

*We've put Billy back on his nebulizer. Sadly, he is impatient to put the mask on when the movie starts. I'm happy it's not a fight to get him to take the meds, but it makes me sad that he's so accustomed to it he'd pull the mask toward his face.

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