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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ain't got much for you

I did absolutely no knitting last night.

We all went out to dinner and had a little celebration. Hubby's accepting a job offer at a firm in NJ. No more cross-Hudson commute for him!

I did put together my project bag for the wedding stockings. I cast on this morning for a swatch, but that's about all I did. I'll start in earnest on the way home tonight.

I want to thank Kim, Yarngirl, and AnnyPurls for their comments on Cigar. It's nice to get compliments from such great knitters.


Yarngirl said...

Oh, you're too darn sweet - you're one great knitter!! And that's great about hubby's job - I hope mine has good luck in that area soon, too. Can't wait to see your next project!!

Anny said...

Congrats to the hubby! Anything that reduces the communte is wonderful. My husband and I used to commute 3 hours a day (he still does, I'm at home with baby) and it totally bites (well, except if you knit, then taking the train is great)!

Oh, and you're welcome about cigar. It turned out great ;0)