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Thursday, March 16, 2006

sleeve sojourn, part deux

I cast on for the second sleeve of Cigar this morning. I'm nearly done with the ribbing. I can't believe how fast this thing is knitting up. This is the last of the knitting (except for the neckband) and I only started two weeks ago. Watch, I just jinxed myself. Something's going to happen so that I can't get the knitting done this weekend and have a leisurely block and sew-up next week. (My money's on the second hank of Ivy not coming for two weeks.)

I'm seriously going to have a lot of leftover yarn. I'll have more than an entire hank of burgundy, most of a hank of clay and most of a hank of ivy. I was thinking about doing a felted tote, but then I read this post about Dulaan (scroll down and Lee Ann talks about Ryan et al., and lots of my regular reads do a lot for Dulaan) and I think I'm going to make some hats and a vest with the left overs.

On the toddler front, he didn't want to wear anything today. So, I forcibly dressed him. Wrestling a two-year-old is my favorite way to start the day. Getting him into the car seat wasn't bad today, he had a teething ring (shaped like an 8 which is his favorite number). The first part of the drive was bad because I used the teething ring to keep him happy while I locked him in and then I took it away. I know aren't I evil? But, I knew he'd be over his fit before we got to the train station (passing a school bus helped). So, I got to buckle him in without a fight and hubby got to drop him off without a screaming match over having to leave something in the car. Anny mentioned in the comments to yesterday's post that her little boy likes to be held and carried to be soothed. So does mine! It was just a lot easier when he wasn't half my height and over 30 lbs!

I was worried about B's development a few weeks ago, after reading that this is the age when kids really start using their imagination and taking part in make-believe. I couldn't think of Billy exhibiting any make-believe. And then I was reassured by how much he likes to pretend to sleep. He'll say sleep or night-night and give me his blanket or the Elmo mat he got for Christmas, and I'll lay it out on the floor. Then he'll say night-night and curl up and pretend to sleep for about 5 seconds. Then he gets up and does it again. And again. And again. Eventually, I have to smooth the blanket out again, but it keeps him entertained for quite a while. He's even started adding fake snores into his little game. And last night, he was fake sneezing. Yep, he knows how to make-believe.

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