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Monday, March 20, 2006

a tale of two sleeves

So, that sleeve you saw on Friday? The one with the flecks? Well, the ladies at lunch on Friday convinced me to rip it out. Yep, the colors were so not matching and it looked awful. They convinced me a vertical stripe was the way to go. I've been bit by the intarsia bug folks. This thing's been fun!

It didn't feel like I did much knitting over the weekend, but I think I've mentioned before that this is a quick knit. I should be starting the raglan decreases this afternoon, with sleeve 2 done tomorrow. I plan to have the body and sleeves sewn and neckband knit by Friday night so Saturday can be a zipper-finding adventure.

I have a very nice, green zipper that is way too short. I should definitely check the body, post-blocking, against the Hubby to make sure this thing's not going to be too long, before I go buy a new zipper. But, F-i-L is 6' and the vest I made him last year was too short. I hope I'm not over compensating.

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kim said...

the sleeve looks fab! what smart ladies you eat lunch with!