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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

cigar, cigarettes, cigar

Really, I only used the title because I thought of a cigarette girl walking through a club in an old movie (who knows which one, it was a pretty stock scene). I don't know why this design makes me think of cigars. Perhaps because F-i-L's a cigar smoker. None of the colors are what I think of as tobacco. Anyway, I'm loving this Orchid Line yarn. Soo soft and it's just gliding on the addis as I swatch. I can't take credit for the color scheme. I bought 8 hanks of Orchid Line at Stitches East in a discounted bundle. I've got 4 khaki and two each of the ivy and burgundy. Each hank runs about 245 yards, so I should have plenty. I just hope I don't have to resort to striping the sleeves.
I'm going to knit the back first then a sleeve and decide from there how my yardage is going to hold up.

So, the reason you don't see yet another picture of the Olympic sleeves is that I got to a good length last night. Yep, tonight, while watching Deal or No Deal, LOST, and Project Runway, I'll be grafting away. I must remember to print out the kitchener stitch directions from Knitty again. They are so easy to follow. I know I've got the details in other places, but I love the Knitty diagrams. I'm so excited to be nearly finished. I hope I can get both sleeves done tonight, but we'll see.

I have to force Hubby to pose for a pic this weekend so I can share at next week's Stitchers. He had said he'd just wear it and visit one, day but I'm not sure when, or even if, that will ever happen. My fellow office stitchers will kid me, I'm sure, about having another new project (we meet so rarely I'm usually doing something different each time), but I told them about the Olympics, so they really shouldn't be too surprised.

The countdown to F-i-L's birthday begins. Will Cigar be finished before we celebrate on the 26th?

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