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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

simply Tuesday

I got my Simply Sock Yarns order last night. Can you believe I placed the order Friday morning and received the yarn Monday? How is that for service. I didn't pay for shipping, either (all orders over $50 free priority mail in the US). I took a picture in the morning light. Isn't it all lovely? My only disappointment is the strata on the left. I thought the colors were going to be a bit different. Oh well, hubby said he might want them. I can't wait to get started on the stockings (mostly so I can finish and start something else. Actually, I'm looking forward to knitting something lacy.)

In other news, Ronan only needs his neckband and zipper. I did all the seams and wove in the ends last night. Twice I tried picking up for the collar but couldn't get it to work. Oh well, another shot at it tonight. I may have a third FO soon. This is what happens when you hold off on finishing.

The sock was completed last night, but I had to rip out the toe. Just a touch too short. I'll have it finished up again tonight.

Well, I'm off to Knitty to printout the Lolita Legs pattern.

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Anny said...

Nice yarn! I'm especially smitten with the orange Opal. I haven't knit socks in a while. Well that's not true, the last pair is actually still on the needles but weird stuff started happening so I put it down and now I can't get myself to pick 'em up again! Maybe *new* yarn would entice me to get the old one's off the needles more quickly ;0)

Hey, good job on Cigar BTW. I've knit to things with zipper closures so far and though I bought the zippers for both, I never actually put them in. I'm too scared...