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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

back on the socks

Well, I finished the knitting on Ronan last night. He awaits his bath, block, seams, and zipper along with Cigar. Gee, I really ought to get that guest room bed cleared off. But, last night I had to watch the Devils game with the Hubby and since I couldn't resist the cheeto yarn, they lost to the Flyers (yes, it is all my fault).

So, for my amusement the next few days, I'll be carrying around my sister's Kroy Candy Kisses sock. One more inch and I can start the heel flap.

It's been a pretty crappy morning. Billy was in fine form with the tantrums and I had no patience and things have not been great here at work (and now I have guilt from this post by Labmom, Yes, I do blog and read blogs and internet shop at work. Yes, there is a policy limiting Internet use for personal purposes. There's also a state law about full-time employees and a full hour lunch, too.)

I am planning a sock yarn buying extravaganza for Friday. Stay tuned. (My next big project will be my sister's wedding stockings and I need some cascade fixation.)

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