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Monday, March 13, 2006

boardwalk KIP

Here's a shot from my Saturday. Yep, it's a purl row. Friday, we got to AC in time for lunch. Then I won the equivalent of 14 skeins of koigu in a slot machine. After that, it was dinner at the AC Bar and Grill and the Heart show. (Quick note on the concert, Heart and all sounded great, watching a TV show being taped live sucked beyond the beyond.) Saturday, I proceeded to gamble away the yarn money I'd won the day before so I decided to scope out a spot for the St. Paddy's day parade on the boardwalk and enjoy our unseasonable weather. That meant U2 on the DJ and knitting in my hands. Granted, this pic could have been taken on a deck anywhere, but this was the view behind me.

So, Cigar is now 67% done. What with all the knitting I was doing when I decided I didn't want to gamble anymore. If I can't spend money on yarn, I don't want to just dump it into a slot machine.

I've cancelled my order at the Yarn Tree. They can't get the color I need. So, I ordered at Kirtland's Yarn Barn in VA. They say it will ship tomorrow. I hope I have it in time.

I finished the left front and cast on for the right front last night watching the Sopranos and Big Love (which I can't stop thinking about). Here are the finished pieces on my table this morning.

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kim said...

the sweater is looking good! i really like the colors. what did you think about "big love?" i keep seeing ads for it, but we don't have hbo, so i can't watch it, but i'm so curious about it!