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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I like a sale

So, Herrschner's updated their weekly sale pages last night. I was all over that today. Especially since I somehow managed to get free shipping! I ordered some Bernat Handicrafter cotton in Emerald (28 balls at $.77 each) for that gansey Hubby wants for next St. Paddy's day, I also got some Bernat sock yarn (in jet, again for Hubby, he wants black socks, and tamale, wild colors for me, two balls of each for $2.94). That was it for yarn. I got a really cute, green leather 6 x 6 photo album for $8 just to have on hand. I may keep it to give as a gift. I also got some charms to use to make more stitch markers. I really have enough supplies (except I need better quality rings) to make 'em and sell 'em.

In other news, I started the lolita legs wedding stockings. It took me three tries to get going. I think I still may have screwed up the figure 8 cast on. I'm enjoying it so far. Soon, I'll get to start the pattern. Ooh la la. These are going to be so much fun! I'm really liking the cascade fixation. I think my April socks will have to be Broad Ripple, but with a shorter leg (I don't like my socks too high). Yeah, I know Nattie's socks need to be finished, but I'm definitely knitting orange broad ripples for me next!


Anny said...

OMG! Seventy-seven cents! That's the kind of thing that makes me wish I lived in America ;0)

Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! Wow, you sure got some great bargains with that yarn - I'm looking forward to seeing pics of it when it arrives and then see what you're going to make with it!