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Thursday, March 23, 2006


I really, really wanted to just crash after I put Billy to bed last night. I've been so exhausted lately and I knew I would fall asleep and sleep for hours. But, I have a deadline on Cigar. So, I cleared off the guestroom bed and blocked away. (I took this pic this morning. The one thing this room has going for it, besides a springy-green theme, is good morning light.)

I put both Cigar and Ronan, aka the cheetos sweater, into a warm Eucalan bath and let them soak while I watched LOST. I didn't soak them the full hour. I took Ronan out during the first long commercial break and wrapped him in a towel. During the break at 9:30, I took Cigar out and wrapped him in two towels. I let both sit while I watched the show. Then, after LOST, I set about to pinning.

Unfortunately, I could not find my really good blocking pins (nor my puppy tape measure nor the bulk of my coil-less safety pins, I know they're all with the leftover yarn from the boys' cable sweaters but I've got no idea where it all wandered off to). I will need to find them before I do zipper installs (or maybe I'll just go over to Purl tomorrow to get more). The pins I used last night will not pin a zipper to a sweater. But, I think I did a good enough job.

Seeing Cigar laid out like this, I think I'll need to rip back a bit at the neckline. It looks like it's going to be too small.

I think I may work on seaming Ronan tonight. I just think it's too cute and really want Billy to get some wear out of it before the weather warms up.

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