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Thursday, March 02, 2006

stop tugging on the yarn

tSo, no pics today. I've got nothing to show. I haven't cast on for the back of cigar because I didn't like my swatch on US8s. I've gone up to 9s (which I didn't have with me on the commute home last night so I took a doze on the bus) and I like the fabric much more although the gauge is a little tighter than I wanted. I should have just enough yarn with it being at 4.5 stitches/inch. We might wind up with stripes, yet, though.

I did graft one sleeve of the Olympic sweater. I really like the look of it, except that after the first few stitches (which were under the arm), when I thought I'd gotten the hang of it, I stopped being really careful about the stitches I was creating with my darning needle and there's a little ridge all the way around from my tugging so much. (Yep that's a killer run on sentence.) I figure I should be able to fix it by ripping out a few inches of the grafting and loosening things back up. Then I'll re-graft the inches I ripped and you won't be able to see a seam! Ha. That's the plan anyway. Hopefully, I'll be finished tomorrow. Whether or not Hubby gets to wear it to the Devils game Saturday now depends on if he wants it washed first. Oh, yeah. We're still not sure if the entire thing fits!

Yeah, it's snowing. I'm not going to worry about it unless I get a call from daycare.

Can I just say that Mr. Eko (why is a priest a Mr?) rocks LOST like no one else. You can't take your eyes off the dude when he's on screen. On to the rest of the episode, why hasn't John or Jack clued into the fact that the prisoner, Henry Gale, has the same name as Dorothy's uncle from the Wizard of Oz. Granted, they don't have Google or Wikipedia on the island, but please, haven't they seen the movie 8 billion times like most Americans? And if Locke really thinks he's an "Other," why's he letting him get into his head? I did enjoy the plot with Claire, Kate and Rousseau. But, it makes me wonder if the "Others" are just victims of some psychological experiment about a virus with the vaccine being a placebo. Perhaps, since they have limited vaccine, they are trying to ration it by only vaccinating "good" people from the illness. Just a thought, granted it wouldn't explain away killing people. Glad to have had a new episode last night.

I missed all but the first 10 minutes of Project Runway. Santino seems a lot more clever than I thought. Getting all in our faces and outrageous so he'd stick around and then creating a line (from the first dress we saw when Tim Gunn visited) that's elegant and beautiful. Missed seeing Daniel, though. Hopefully, I'll watch next week.

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