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Friday, March 03, 2006

the adrenaline of something new

I'm knitting like a fiend on the back of cigar. I debated over 2 or 3" of ribbing and decided that 2 was enough. It seems like it's soooo wide, but it should be fine. I'm sure that in a few inches, the knitting will turn into the SLOG TO THE ARMHOLES. Fortunately, it's a raglan, so it'll be fast once I hit that point. Uh-oh, I still haven't figured out the shaping. Eh, I'm sure I've got a few days.

I fixed the grafting on the first Olympic sleeve. It looks so much better. I started the second one last night. I'm only a few inches in. But, I'm being very careful about my tension so I should only have to do it once. I'll be finished tonight, for sure. If hubby doesn't wear it tomorrow, and I think he won't because I really do want to wash it and stuff, he's going to another game later this month. Then it will be all cigar all the time for a while.

Is it odd that I've already started thinking about M-i-L's birthday sweater? Her birthday's not until late August, but I was thinking about what I have in stash that would be appropriate. I bought some Jo Sharp Silkroad in brindle (a black/khaki mottle) that I think she would like. Fortunately, she's a slim woman so 10 balls will be more than enough.

Of course, after cigar, I'm going to be working exclusively on my sister's wedding stockings. It's nice to know I don't have to worry about what to get her for her shower.

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Jeanie said...

I can't believe how much knitting you do for others -- what an unselfish knitter you are! Of course, no one else really WANTS my knits! Your sweater looks great so far -- totally loving the colors.