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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

rain, rain, cold, cold, rain

It was pouring down this morning as I trudged up the steps from the subway. Thank goodness for scaffolding or I would have been soaked coming into the office this morning. (The scaffolding is for the drilling the landlord has to do to make sure the masonry won't fall off the building and hit someone. NYC law requires regular masonry checks. I don't think the city cares about our going deaf from noise.)

The rain also meant that traffic was a bear this morning, which meant I got a lot of progress done on the Shadow sleeve as long as I could keep my eyes open. You know how it is, gray and cold and all you want to do is sleep. Anyway, I've gotten to the final set of decreases. I think I may have found an error in the pattern. I cast-on 71, as directed. Working the chart has you decrease 8 total stitches in the final row, taking you down to 63 stitches (71-8=63), but the pattern says you should have 65 stitches. It took me a few minutes to figure out that I hadn't mis-read or mis-knit anything. I thought I only had to increase five times to the final 75 stitch width, but when I counted after the fourth set, I was a few stitches short. I have to increase 6 times for 12 stitches instead of 5 times for 10 stitches like the pattern implies (implies because in Rowan fashion, there is no direction for how many increases/decreases). Whatever, not a big deal. I'm hoping to have this sleeve done tonight or tomorrow (only 3 more inches to the sleeve cap) and then I'm off to pocket linings.

Having a deadline is definitely keeping me on task. I'm thinking about other things, but it's not hard to talk myself out of picking something up. I really want to see if I can rip my sonnet out and turn the Summerwind into something like this. Now, it may seem weather inappropriate as winter is fast approaching, but my office is often in the 80s in the winter and a cute, cotton sweater might be comfortable. And wouldn't it be cheery to work on the bright yarn right now?

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