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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

a little bit calmer* now

I want to thank Jeanie and Labmom for their supportive comments. The reassurance that moms have gone through this and have healthy, strong (even football-playing) kids to show for it helps me stay calm for the neurotic I married.

Things are mellowing a bit chez Netter. Hubby's not quite so tightly wound. Partly because he learned that his grandmother's lived with a heart murmur for 86 years and partly because I think we've made it clear that a heart murmur is not always indicative of some sort of arrhythmia. Of course, I only saw him for a few minutes last night. He went to the Devils game with his dad and I went to a work-related reception on the East side. M-i-L got quality time with Billy and Molly.

I'm not really sure I needed to go to the function last night, but I was only one of two representatives of the company and the only one to actually work on the product. I'm really very sure I didn't need to get on the Queens-bound E heading home last night. That little detour meant I had to take a 9 pm bus. Gee, I've only been riding the subway for 10 years now. Why would I have learned to make sure the train's going in the direction I want to go?

The good news is the side trip to the outer boroughs allowed me to finally get to the armhole shaping on Shadow last night. I hope to have the left front done tonight or tomorrow (depends on how much knitting I can do during LOST). Boy, this thing is curling, huh? I see a serious block in it's future!

I'm thinking about a quickie project before I dive into the boys' Christmas sweaters. I know, my sisters are expecting socks, but I'm going to wait to start those (and only one of them has given me her foot measurements). I'm thinking something with a bit more Oomph. I'm thinking a long, stripey scarf from the Cork I have. I won't need all 9 balls for Billy's sweater, so I think Mommy needs a cool scarf!

*Unfortunately, the calmer only refers to the change in atmosphere at home. I'm not in possession of any new Calmer or working with any right now. The closest I get to my Calmer (besides looking at it in my closet) is that Shadow is from the Calmer Collection.

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Jeanie said...

Hey Annette -- Your Shadow is looking so beautiful. Glad to know things are "calming" down a bit there :-)