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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's got to be the Addis

I'm so glad I did spring for the Addi Turbos for Mom's shadow. Look at all I've gotten done since lunchtime yesterday. I cast on after lunch and surprisingly managed all 145 stitches the first time! I used the long-tail cast-on since the pattern called for purled garter stitch. I got the four purl rows done before the bus ride home (who knew the Addis would make 145 stitches fly so fast?). I was worried about starting the chart, thinking I'd never be able to keep my place on the bus, but I was able to memorize the intervals of knit stitches between the yarn overs and sl2 k1 p2sso and ta-da, I had the 17 chart rows done before bed last night. I knit a bit on it waiting for "Back to School Night" (B2SN) to get going. (I so desperately wanted to whip it out during the meeting while other parents yammered on about binkies and what little Suzy won't eat, but figured that would be rude.) Surprisingly, I only made 2 errors on the chart. I misplaced a yarn-over which I fixed after a few rows and on one section the decreases don't travel a straight line, but I decided to just leave that. Who's going to notice? I'm really loving this knit and I'm glad to have mindless stockinette for baseball playoffs. I'm not sure how I'll feel after 24" of it, though!

I did sew the buttons on Fillie last night, so she's officially an FO. I'm still planning to wear her to work Thursday, so I'll have photos to post then. I will need to tighten up the button holes a bit. My 1 x 1 ribbing is really loose (I used the 7s so it wouldn't pull in much) and the holes are a little big for the buttons.

Surprisingly, Hubby didn't think I was out of my mind when I told him I was going to knit up some vegetables.

B2SN was interesting. No one mentioned the biting, which meant no spontaneous Netter combustion. We did speak to the lead in the classroom after the meeting and they're shadowing him and it does seem to be getting better. Although, she did mention that she's seen him bite himself. What's up with that? He's working on his 2-year molars because he's chewing his fingers, but she said he actually bit himself. They asked for suggestions on art projects and that we donate project supplies like yarn. Hubby kneed me there. I think I'll be weeding out my acrylic odd balls and sending them off to school next week! We definitely left there reminded about how great Billy is 95% of the time. Hopefully, once he's fully adjusted to the new class, the biting will stop.

Here's a shot of the eyelets on Shadow, just for fun.

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