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Thursday, October 20, 2005

another finished piece but my kid is a kook

I finished up the left front of Shadow this morning on the bus in and then started the pocket flap. Should ge that finished up and attached at lunch today (got an office stitchers lunch going). I hope to cast on for the right front tonight on the way home.

Hubby had something new to obsess about last night, a job interview this morning. He's not too thrilled with the opportunity, but that means they'll love him, right? It's always the one you really want that you don't get. He's been with his current employeer for 5 years and needs a change. We're hoping to get him a job in NJ, so we're not both in NYC every day. Now that we've got the Billy, someone needs to be closer to home most days.

Billy decided to play a new game last night. I was calling it "keep out the alien mind rays." I think he thought he'd found a cool hat. Remind me to wash it before I make pasta again.

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