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Friday, October 21, 2005

I can't believe I'm on a yarn diet, and sticking to it

Would you look at these auctions!?! Koigu, and lots of it! I'll wait while you wipe the drool off your monitor. Yes, I nearly bid on one (I've nearly bid on all of them). I can't believe the size of the lots. I'll have to check back over the weekend just to see what the bidding frenzy is like over the last few hours.

I will resist the urge, strong though the pull may be. (Although, just between you and me and the other fiber addicts out there, if I could get one of these past hubby, I would be all over it!)

In other news, we've turned on the heat. Billy and I were fine, but Hubby was chilly this morning. Of course, we inadvertently flooded the darn furnace first thing. Luckily, our former neighbor has a heating business and he was able to fix it for us.

Also, hubby's interview went well yesterday, but he's not sure he would like the job. It only took him 25 minutes to drive to the office though. That's a huge pro in our books! Cons would be having to travel (and not to fun destinations), less vacation time, no flexible hours, and perhaps less money.

On the Shadow front, I did complete the first pocket flap, but haven't attached it yet. I couldn't work out the grafting/three-needle bind off with one piece having more stitches than the other (didn't think to decrease 3 stitches on the last row of the flap). But, I think sewing it will give the pocket a bit more structure. This yarn has no body and it's floppy, floppy, floppy. I did start the right front. I made some good progress watching CBS last night. I should be able to make a lot more tonight. It's just Billy, Molly and me. Hubby's good friend's celebrating his birthday with happy hour and dinner in the city tonight.


Lynda said...

Hi - just found you, you know, as I was wandering through blogland. Your sweater is going to be beatiful... I love that edge detail. And the color, I just finished a sweater out of something very similar!

Jenifer said...

I agree with lynda -- that edge is beautiful! And those auctions!! I guess I deserve the taunting tempting back. :) I'm definitely bidding ... I bet they'll end well over $100.00.