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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

busy Columbus Day, but no stash re-org

Sorry to say, life took over yesterday and my stash re-org will have to wait. I know you were all waiting for pics of my yarn. I'll get to it eventually, like when I need my closet back.

So yesterday went like this: I wound up getting up later than usual (thanks Billy for sleeping in), dawdled about taking him to day care (he had breakfast at home), got stuck in traffic (apparently power line issues over the weekend), went to Curves (first workout in weeks), had to go back to day care with his blanket and sheet for nap time, bought some groceries (Netter's doing a serious diet here and bought supplies for the re-org that wasn't), cleaned the house (in-laws and out of town visitors over for pizza last night), dropped off an un-needed and not working cable box (it got fried sometime on Saturday during our power outages), took Billy to the doctor (urgh), went to the pharmacy (double-urgh), came home and nebulized (see the urghs) and then had a nice dinner and too much wine.

Never enough hours in the days off. Now why didn't I do the housework on one of the other days of my three-day weekend? I knew company was coming. I guess I was just too busy hanging out with the guys.

I did get the back of Shadow finished. See above.

I love that this yarn is so fine I can the whole project around and it doesn't take up much space in my tote.

I started a sleeve on Sunday. I held off on the fronts because I was hoping to have my sweater machine up and running to do some of the longer stretches of stockinette. That didn't happen.

So, the doctor yesterday. I had moved Billy's speech follow-up with the pediatrician to yesterday to help conserve the two vacation days I have remaining for the year. She thinks his 40 word vocabulary is sufficient for his age so he doesn't need therapy. Hubby was a bit concerned that I didn't push harder for a referral to help mollify daycare, but he could have come to the appointment if it meant that much to him. But, she did discover that he's got bronchitis (AGAIN, damned allergies) and really goopy ears (one is actually a little red). So, he's back on oral antibiotics, drops for his ears, and two drugs through the nebulizer. Thank Heaven for Baby Einstein. He just sits in my lap watching those videos and inhaling the meds (Baby Newton and Baby Bach seem to work best).

We're also working over time on some two-year molars (I can only assume that's what chewing on his thumb means). He did charm the socks off Hubby's aunt and uncle last night. Such a little ham, my boy is.

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Jeanie said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a busy day! I'm so sorry about all the yucky medical stuff -- that's never fun :-( Your sweater looks awesome though... Can't wait to see it finished! Take care!