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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wonderful Wednesday

I actually lifted the title from CBS2's weather forecast this morning. Dave Price says today is going to be wonderful; low 60s and sunny. Who could disagree?

Hubby and I overslept this morning. By about an hour. Somehow I managed to turn off the alarm without waking up. I made it into work just a few minutes late. Of course, I had to buy breakfast on the way in and didn't have time to pack lunches. Oh well. At least I get to leave on time.

I've finished a few more rows on Angelina. Sleeves are now 6" wide. Only 7.5 more to go. Christmas is sounding more and more like a feasible finishing time. I wish I weren't so darned tired, I'd be able to get more done on the bus.

I did knit a bit last night watching the Amazing Race. Am I the only one really happy that Ray and Deana got eliminated last night? It was just desserts after they didn't even slow down after the boys' accident or give Meredith and Gretchen a few dollars. He annoyed me so much always getting on Deana about her lack of confidence, but he hardly performed any of the roadblocks. Why the heck was she the one eating 4 lbs of meat (gross meat at that)? I'm really happy Gretchen and Meredith weren't eliminated yet. Now, if only Rob and Amber would go away. Even the host seems disgusted by their complete and utter self-absorption.

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