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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Am I the only one wondering

what Hurley was doing in a mental institution in the first place?

I must say I love LOST and I found quite a bit of black humor in last night's episode (intended or not I liked it). Unfortunately, watching tv in my bedroom is not conducive to knitting (no back support).

I have very little progress to report on living (and I haven't touched Angelina since Monday, do go see yarngirl's start on her Angelina).

I did get some stuff in the mail today. The yarn will be easy to explaing to Hubby (he TOLD me to buy it and it's for him), the swift, not so easy. Maybe I should sneak it home!

In other tv news, I find myself being sucked into Alias against my will. I really don't need anymore tv shows to watch and I'm coming into it late, but I find I can't stop watching it. I think it's inertia. I'm just glued to the spot after LOST.


Yarngirl said...

I wondered about Hurley too, but I'm so addicted to that show - And those numbers!!! Love the swift and the yarn - have fun winding.

Yarngirl said...
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