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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Not the Iggles who play in Philly, but the legendary rock band performing at the Meadowlands tonight. The weather should cooperate so the tailgate will be good. We're hanging with friends we don't get to see often enough (they live it CT). We've got actual assigned seats. And it's a band we've never seen before. I'm very much looking forward to tonight. Especially since we've been listening to their greatest hits albums and there are a lot of songs I didn't realize belonged to them!

Tomorrow morning might not be so great, but tonight will be fun! Late night + adult beverages might = unhappy Netter.

I am also happy because I've put Angelina and her interminably boring 2 x 2 ribbing aside in favor of swatching for my T. Yummy, yummy Calmer how I have missed you. I need to print out the pattern again and do some math to upsize it. I forgot how endowed (or fat) I was.

Can't wait to really get started on it!

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