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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

April 1? Please?

I nearly started my nothin but a t shirt this weekend. I bone-headedly left the pattern for Angelina in the office so I couldn’t work on her and I didn’t think I had the needles to do retro rib socks for Hubby. What was I going to knit in the car on the way to AC? But, I did find a different pattern for hubby socks. Nice, plain, and only needing 4 needles. (My smaller dpns were inherited from my grandmother and when she bought them they only came in sets of 4.) So I cast on a swatch. I’m still knitting it. How do people churn out socks? This gauge is so tiny! (See many, many rows dwarfed by a giant thumb below.)

I did get all of the seaming done for FIL yesterday. I just need to do the armhole and put in that zipper. I must say, I am afraid of the zipper! Soon as I gird my loins, I may have another FO! (Shortly thereafter, I’ll finish Hello Billy, too. At this rate it won't fit him.)

I’m going to work on Angelina most of this week. See if she gets too big to be bus-able. Yarngirl’s mentioned in my comments and her latest entry that she’s concerned the sleeves are too short. I can’t blame her, I’ll be adding 17 stitches and it looks like it wouldn’t cover my son’s arm! I do think that the lace and some blocking to unkink the ribs will help. I won’t mind if it’s not too long, though!

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