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Monday, March 21, 2005

finishing FIL

I've not made much progress on Angelina. I was so sick on Friday that I actually got car sick (bus sick?) trying to knit on the way home. I carried her bag around with me all weekend, but didn't pick her up at all. Good thing I'm not in a hurry, huh?

I am in a hurry on FIL. I sat down with him last night to put the zipper in. The zipper is basted in and one side has been back-stitched. Unfortunately, some of my stitches are large and noticeable so I may need to re-do it. But, he's my commute buddy until he's done. F-i-L's birthday is Wednesday and they're coming down for dinner. I must finish by Wednesday afternoon.

Ooh, FO pics this week.

I was kind of disappointed to remember that Friday isn't April 1. I have a week and a half before the start of the Nothin' but a T-shirt knitalong. I really, really want to get started. I guess I could always seam Air to get my Calmer fix between then and now (since I'll be seeing my mom in a month and her birthday was five months ago, maybe I should finish it).

Does anybody remember this episode of CSI? Well, sometimes life imitates art. Not too many details, yet.


Yarngirl said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well - hope you're feeling better now - I always have to wear seabands if I want to knit in a vehicle! I'm 9 inches into the sleeves on angelina, so that's more than halfway there - and then we're in the homestretch - good god!

Netter said...

It was pretty rough. The worst part about being a mom is that you're always on. I usually can read, knit, or whatever in the car and it doesn't bother me. I actually look forward to long rides for the knitting time! Great going on Angelina. 9"!