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Friday, March 25, 2005

another NEW layout

Yeah, I changed it again, in case you were like Lolly (Thanks for the compliments) and stopped by to see it an hour ago. I just couldn't take the text issues. I really like the new design. It's so easy when someone else has done most of the work and you're just fiddling with bits!


Yarngirl said...

Love the new layout! How are you doing on angelina? I am having much confusion. I finished the right front and ended it like the pattern states - 55 stitches on a holder, but something is wonky since they tell you to pick up only 50 later?? Do you notice that too. And also, look at how the neck is not centered in the middle of the sleeves - how is that going to work when it's sewn up? Is it just me? I emailed White lies and I'm hoping I'm just an idiot. really. After this much work, I'm really hoping for idiocy.

Yarngirl said...

I am an idiot. Really. Now I know. It's the front stitches on the holder PLUS 50 along the neck edge, PLus the neck edge, Plus 51. What a jerk.