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Monday, March 07, 2005

superwash, not superdry

So, I put Purlwise in the wash this weekend, to fluff her up and get rid of some of the ladders. Forgot to tell hubby to take her out before he put the clothes in the dryer. She shrunk. She still fits around my head (and boy is she soft now), but she doesn't cover my ears anymore. I was thinking I'd put some ear flaps on her (I am part hick you know), but I think I'll try blocking her first.

Not too much knitting progress to report. I did a little bit on Angelina, but nothing much else. I do have to get FIL off the finishing pile. F-I-L's b-day is just about 2 weeks away!

I'm trying to start a little knitting group here in the office. I actually posted signs in the kitchens on our three floors. I've gotten one call so far. I feel like such a geek!

I'm also trying to be more domestic. I was up early this morning and in the shower at 4:45 (couldn't sleep and Billy started to wake up but went back to sleep). I'm all caught up on the dishes and hope to tackle the bathroom tonight after Billy goes to bed. I'm hoping that if I break the house down into parts and do a part a day, I'll have a cleaner house. I've really been disgusted lately. And that's saying a lot! I have a high dirt threshold! Any suggestions would be welcome!

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