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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

FIL est finis!

I finished FIL at 10:50 last night. After Blind Justice was done (first episode I've seen and it was pretty good, I LIKE Ron Eldred), I took it downstairs to show the Hubby. I had him try it on, too. It was a little snug, which is fine, because F-I-L is a little thinner than Hubby. I hope the length is okay. F-I-L is 6' even and the vest is about 26" long. Seemed okay on Hubby, who's got the right length torso, just shorter legs.

FIL is the "Oregon" vest from Oat Couture. I bought it at elann after a suggestion from the KnitList (which I subscribed to for about a week, how do people have the time?). I knitted it with some Phildar Avioraz (acrylic, wool and mohair). I think it took 11 skeins? I'll have to double-check. Since the yarn is long since discontinued, I guess it doesn't really matter. I lengthened the pattern 2 inches and got gauge on the recommended needle size. I used Bates Quicksilver circs. It was a quick, quick knit. I would have had it finished a month ago if I'd had the zipper on hand and not been intimidated about putting the zip in. I wrapped it up this morning and he'll be gifted tonight.

I actually enjoyed picking up and knitting the stitches for the arm bands. I didn't worry about getting the "right" number of stitches (esp. since I lengthened the armholes an inch). I just followed the guidelines in here and it was a snap.

Angelina is back in regular rotation. I got about a row done this morning. I just had to take a nap on the way in. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Too many lates night staying up with FIL, the sweater not the man. It's nice to be knitting again and not finishing. Although, I wouldn't put finishing FIL as one of the circles of Knitter's Hell.

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