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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I think I like hand stitching in zippers. It’s slow and tedious, but whenever I’ve machine sewn a zipper, I didn’t like the feeling of not having control over what I was doing and I didn’t get great results. I definitely have control now! I’ve got to finish overstitching the left side of the zipper and the zipper is done. I should definitely have that finished on the bus home tonight. Then I get to pick 90+ stitches for the armholes. It seems unproductive to pick-up 90+ stitches, knit a row, then bind off. Obviously, the armholes need finishing (and a bit of tightening up), but all that work to knit one row?!?

I lost out on a huge lot of Rowan Cotton Glace on eBay last night. It wound up going for $6 a ball (not including shipping), but I couldn’t log in with our sickly PC at home to up my bid. It was the most lovely shade of red and I spent much time yesterday fantasizing about the tops from Rowan 37 I could make with it. Oh well. If I really want to make something in red cotton glace, I can buy 6-7 balls and do it. (At $7-$8 a ball it seems like a bargain over Calmer’s regular retail pricing!)

All of my stitch marker supplies came last night. I couldn’t wait to rip open the packages and fondle them. Not quite as fun as a box of yarn, but I’m looking forward to being creative with them. I realized that the holes in my ceramic beads are too large for the head pins I bought. I need spacer beads! Ah, I will cannibalize some broken bracelets, headbands and necklaces. Stitch markers galore. Now, to find the time....

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