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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

300 stitches

I've got 300 stitches (give or take) on the needles for Angelina. If I'm fast, I get a couple of rows done each way on the bus. It's almost enough to make me wish for a traffic jam! At this row gauge and this rate of finishing rows, I figure I'm going to be knitting Angelina for a straight month before I start decreasing.

You can be sure that I will be dropping her like a hot potato come April 1 to start my Calmer T. Two weeks from Friday. Yummo.

Got my Rowan 37 and my Freda kit last night. I love the blue Cork, but not for me. I bet I can find a pattern for Billy and use the 4 skeins for him. I just don't love myself in blue. However, when I start stashing again, you better believe I'll be keeping an eye out for some Cork. I love Rowan yarns. Too bad I won't be going back to England for work. Anyway, there are a few patterns I love in the mag. Mostly Martha, Heirloom, Hike, Pearl (sans beads), Trek, Elspeth and the shorter Butterfly. Of course, I don't know when I'd ever wear Butterfly, but it's so pretty! I do think my favorite part of the mag is the model for Butterfly's hair. I want to cut mine like that. I think it's a little too short for hubby, though. It would be perfect for summer with Buckets galore!

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Lauren said...

Yeah thouse several hundred rows sure do take awhile... I timed my 226 stitches to about 12-15 minutes (depending on knits/purls, and how flexible my fingers are!)

Hope all is well!