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Friday, June 11, 2004

I bought some dpns today for the BUP bucket. 7 crystal palace bamboo. I got them at Purl SoHo which is the LYS from my office. I don't know if I'll be shopping there much. It's a very cute store with lots (and lots) of yummy yarns, but it's a little too SoHo for me. I grew up very, very blue collar and just don't fit in places like that.

It was funny though, there was a very SoHo young woman in there talking about trying to figure out crocheting. I kept my mouth shut. I don't think she'd take advice from me, not looking so chic today. Not to mention, not stick thin either.

The irony, I'm in on the hot new fashion hobby! Funny thing is, I was there when it wasn't hot! Check out this post. I'm sure into fancy-shmancy yarns now, though! I must say, that most of them are cotton discontinued colors in my defense.

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