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Thursday, June 17, 2004

The bus was less crowded today and the subway was slower this morning. That means more knitting time. I actually had enough elbow room to knit on the bus and time to knit more than a row or two on the subway. I'm nearly 3/4 through the increases on the Grecian Plait.

In other news, I started swatching for my Tucker Mat. I'm not sure how I like the Linen Drape. I had to rip out my swatch, though, about a row and a half in. I realized I was making the swatch way too wide. Sleep deprivation messes with the math skills first. I'll have to start over again.

Billy was up at 3 this morning and again just before six. Sleep deprivation is worse today! I think if I pick up a hook or needles tonight, it will be on an established pattern that does not require too much adjustment, ie, thought.

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