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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I'm in a ridiculously happy mood today. I don't know why. Billy was up at 4:40 talking to his toys. Then he decided he wanted to eat at 5:10. I took all that extra time this morning and put his high chair together. We'll get him used to it the next few days and then we'll start feeding him cereal with a spoon!

I think my general state of excitation has to do with a few things:

  • I spent a great deal of time creating buttons yesterday. Do you like them?

  • I've joined two knitting rings. I feel like a real knitting blogger now!

  • I've started the shoulder shaping on Grecian Plait.

  • I move into my new office with a view of the Empire State Building and purple carpet tomorrow.

  • I'm only working a half day today because of the move and lunch is going to be popcorn and Harry Potter (finally).

  • I just learned how to HTML bulleted lists!

I need to figure out how to post more pictures. We got a Sony DVD Handycam for Christmas and it can take digital snapshots as well as movies. But, I need to either connect the camera to the laptop (at work) via the USB port or finalize the DVD to use the DVD drive to get the pictures. I need to find out how often you can unfinalize DVD-RWs. Either that or we need to get a better PC at home! (I think my employer would like that option the best.)

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