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Monday, June 28, 2004

Didn't get around to blocking Grecian Plait this weekend. I am pretty far along on the crown shaping for the BUP. I'll probably finish that today. If I get off my duff, I can have 2 projects finished!

Must decide on the next project(s).

My dad made a request for Christmas. He wants a pair of green mittens. Think I will felt them. He's got bad arthritis and thinks mittens keep him warmer. Felted ones will be even better! Green's his new favorite color because his favorite day of the year is the day that everything is suddenly green. I dn't think I'll go grass green, but a nice forest. Makes me happy that I decided to use the Safari All Seasons for him.

I know I promised photos, but I didn't get around to those either. Bad Netter.

Off to work I go.

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