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Monday, June 21, 2004

I've re-started the floral miniponcho. I decided to go back to 2 strands, the I hook, and just double the pattern. I've got the first round done and am off and running again.

The sleeves on the Grecian Plait keep growing. I finished the increases this morning. Now, it's straight st st for a few more inches and I can start the shoulder shaping. I'm smelling the finish line. Or is that just the finishing?

My rose BUP is also moving along. I'm a couple of inches into the band. I've decided it's going to need some embellishment. Must check the stash to see if I have something to make a flower or two out of. I also have some nice ribbon that might work. Hmmmm.... I got a hair cut this weekend. It's a layered bob, really. I'm nice and bouncy now. My other bucket hats look cute, if I may say so. Can't wait to start wearing this one!

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