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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I got about 4 rows of the Grecian Plait done this morning on the bus, add that to the six or so finished last night and I'm well into the front.

My All Seasons Cotton came; now I only need to get the book to make Zipo for my Dad. Hope he likes it! I may see if I can find a different pattern to use.

It's lovely, lovely yarn. I have to hold it against the calmer to see which is yummier. I think the softness is the same, but calmer may have more spring.

I increased my stash by inheriting a huge rubbermaid box of yarn from my grandmother. She died a couple of years ago, but it's taking a while to get through all of her stuff (my mom's a huge procrastinator). It's mostly acrylic, but some nice baby yarns and a few blends. I tossed some of the smaller odds and ends. I think my husband would have liked it if I'd tossed more!

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