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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Freya done and Papa update

I finished Freya last night. I spent a week on the finishing (she had her bath last Monday night). Not because it was hard, but because I barely touched her over the last week.

Bad Netter.

She was a lovely little knit from Rowan 36. I used the called for yarns (Rowan Plaid and Kid Classic), but not in the called for colors (mine are bramble and peat).

I hope Mom likes her. She should fit (my dress form was sized down to almost it's smallest size which is still bigger than my mom). B had fun helping out this morning and couldn't wait to see the pictures. They didn't hold his interest too long.

So, I'm going to wrap Freya up with a note to not open until 10/26 and get her in the mail, I'll be nearly three weeks early! That's a switch.

My grandfather (also known as Papa) got the results of his CT-scan yesterday. They saw no evidence of cancer outside his colon. So, it seems they caught it very early. No schedule yet for his surgery or other follow-up treatment. The doctor did say that my father and his siblings should be checked early and often (every 5 years), which is what they told my mom and her sibs when her mom was diagnosed. Mom told me I should let my doctor know as well when I have my next physical (hmm, I'll have to think about actually getting one of those). Big sigh of relief from all of us.

Poor B got socked in the nose yesterday afternoon. He wouldn't talk about it to the afternoon teachers, but he did tell me one of the boys hit him. He was very upset about it, but no lasting damage. Hubby did mention it to the director. Not so much to get anyone in trouble but so they can keep an eye out. I'm sure the kid's parents will want to know if he's acting out.

I must brag about my kid. He wrote his name yesterday. He's not reading yet, but he's known how to spell his name for a while (he can spell cat, too). He's been doing alot better with his coloring, making real lines and coming very close to actual shapes. He'd been practicing with E's and decided to write his name. He had a little problem with the Y but the letters were recognizable! I need to find some tools to help him with learning how to read. I think he's a bit ahead of his class (they don't all know all of their letters). Any suggestions?


Susan said...

Oh, that's good news on your Papa! And yes, you should go have a physical.

I bet your mother will love Freya -- and I like the color combination that you chose.

Andrea said...

That's a lot of good new! (Minus the little scrap B had). I'm really liking Freya too! Good job!