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Friday, October 12, 2007

Halloween knits

B very much likes his pumpkin hat. He was hoping to wear it to the farm this morning, but the trip was postponed due to the tons of rain we've been receiving. He wore it to school instead.
He was a very willing model. (He doesn't have an underbite like it looks here. I think he was singing along to Bruce or something. Yes, we're still all Bruce all the time.)

I linked to the pattern the other day. It's Crazy Aunt Purl's Reversible Halloweenie Beanie. I decided to go with the stockinette side. I'm just not feeling reverse stockinette lately. The only mods I made, besides an inadvertent tighter gauge which is why it's B's beanie and not mine, was of the decreasing. I liked Purl's method, but didn't like the way it looked. So instead I K2tog right before the purl ditch for a few rows and then ssk after the purl ditch for a few rows. The last set was p2tog around.

I loved the yarn. I see many more projects in Cascade 220 in the future. I'm making good progress on my Hallowig. I should have it done tonight, you can see I've done a few rows with the bangs in place. I'm going to embellish it a bit and will post FO pics Monday.

Have a great weekend everybody! I get to spend mine seeing if a second Windows re-install will fix the BSOD we're getting at startup. I wish I knew more about hardware, because I'm pretty sure it's a harware problem. Question is, do we fix the 2 1/2 YO computer or do we just replace the tower?


Amy Lane said...

I don't know about the computer, but the Beanie is beautimous!!! And B looks so proud! (My kids were fighting over a hat I made the cave troll last year...I was so proud...)

thordora said...


Rae said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I discovered Cascade 220 when I wanted to knit things for DD but refused to hand wash them. Who hand-washes a toddlers clothes?!?!?

Sorry to see he lost it ... it is a big loss!!