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Friday, October 19, 2007

grafting for the weekend

I've got two sets of decreases to finish, then the gusset is done. I do still expect to be grafting tonight. Should we place odds on how likely it is I will be able to maintain the pattern while grafting?

Hubby and I are packed for our last weekend "down the shore" before the condo is closed for the winter. Hubby was very disappointed that his parents didn't buy in a year-round building, but I'm not sure I want the beach when it's freezing. Tomorrow should be nice. It's forecasted to be 70° and sunny-ish.

Good news on B yesterday. His lungs are not involved with the cough that's been plaguing him (more me and hubby, B doesn't let things get him down). Doc thinks he's outgrown the reactive airway problems that had him on a nebulizer with every cold and allergy outbreak from the age of 1. Yay! So, he's on stuff for sinuses and if it ever gets past being late summer around here we might finally get past the allergies.

I'm looking forward to two days of temporary childlessness. I've had some impatient and yelling spots the last few days. I'm going to miss him, but I'm looking forward to a break from Super 3.

I'm bringing Hubby's St. Andrew's sweater for beach knitting (maybe in the car, too, when it's light out). Hubby was a little concerned that it might get sand on it. I pointed out that it is cotton and he's never shown concern when it's things I knit for myself on the beach. If I get any time in on it this weekend, I should be past the halfway mark. I'll try to get some pics of me knitting it on the beach.

I wish all of you going to Rhinebeck a fun time. I really should get there one day....


Julie said...

For grafting in pattern:

If it's colors, I don't even try, use one color, and then duplicate stitch over top as needed.

If it's knit/purl, again, I don't even try, but do straight knit grafting and pretend I don't notice it later.

How's that for helpful?? Hahaha.

Amy Lane said...

Hope your weekend was awesome--and listen to Julie! She knows what she's saying!!!