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Monday, October 22, 2007

socks that suck

I hate these socks. The heel flap is too short, the toes aren't long enough and I did a crappy job of grafting. I'm so tired of these socks. I thought I really wanted them in this yarn for me, but I can't look at them anymore. They're going to go away. I'm going to rip them out and put the yarn in my stash and maybe, someday, I'll knit something else out of them.
This I like. It's hubby's St. Andrews sweater. I carried to the beach Saturday and Sunday but didn't take it out of the bag until we got home. One thing I don't love. The joins between white and blue are wonky on the right-hand side. Behind it is my homemade chart holder. Under it is the shoe box that holds the working balls (with slits cut in the side for each ball). I want to finish this piece this month. Then I'll work on the front in November, sleeves in December, and seaming in January (I'll also have Dad and B's birthday sweaters to work on in December and January).
Tomorrow, we discuss Here there be dragon socks.


Rae said...

If you hate it, don't waste another second on it. Stash it, trash it, just don't knit it.

I see the wonky stitches, but the sweater still looks GREAT! And I love your chair idea. Way too cool and creative.

The beach ... in Jersey ... in October ... and I bet you didn't wear a sweater during the day. ;) Lovely (luvely), horrible (global warming) weather we're having, eh!

Amy Lane said...

Yeah--I'm with Rae... (sooo glad to see Rae...every time I see her post it's like "buddy!!!") Stash it, trash it, give it B to erase his white board... if it makes you unhappy, it ain't knitting. The St. Andrews is working out great--maybe the wonky stitches will chill w/some blocking!