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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

no pictures today

I've commenced seaming on Freya. All the raglan seams are done and I've started the collar. I'd probably be done the collar but one sleeve was too short in the cap so I had to re-knit the raglan decreases. Oddly, Billy didn't comment on the fact that the coffee table is no bare.

My commute knitting yesterday and today (and probably the rest of the week) has been the second sock of the second pair of beaded rib anklets, last seen here, although I've picked them up on and off since. I've started the heel flap. I should be able to get the heel turned on the way home tonight. It would be nice to have a completed pair of socks soon. Of course, I probably will wind up doing no knitting on the train tomorrow.

Thanks for your supportive comments about my grandfather. Dad didn't call last night. I'm assuming the lack of urgent news is a good thing, ie, they've found the cancer so early they don't have to do any urgent procedures. I did leave a message for Dad a little while ago, just to check in. He had a doctor's appointment himself yesterday (eye specialist) and another one on Friday (new primary care physician). I was so fortunate to have all four grandparents into my adulthood. (Hubby and I actually had all 8 at our wedding.) I've been really close to my dad's parents, though. We lived across the street from them until I was 12 and they helped mom and dad a lot with various medical problems my sisters had. This last time we went to VT we stayed with them, even though they're Red Sox fans.

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Wendee said...

Hi Annette! Wendee here from Hazel Knits - just wanted to pop over and say hi! My thoughts are with you and your family. I'll be sending warm Seattle vibes.