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Friday, October 05, 2007

why I need to re-do the heel

So, sock #1 (really beaded rib anklet #3, but that gets confusing) is on th eleft. As you can see I completely mucked up the heel. Sock #2 is on the right, still a couple of inches before the toe.
I might be crazy for wanting to do the sock surgery, but I love the look of these socks. The beaded rib looks so great in this yarn and I was bummed when the first pair didn't fit last year (just a wee bit too narrow). I really want to wear these socks, so I really need them to fit right. Sock #1 just doesn't fit. The heel is turned way too narrowly (if you want to know I decreased at the end of each row but didn't work the stitch after the decrease). I absolutely do not want to knit the whole sock again from the heel. As much as I like the look and want to wear them, beaded rib in the round is just too much purling! (I like purling, it has it's place, but it's not on itty bitty DPNs in the round.)
Poor Hubby had a rough night last night. His baseball team got spanked in their opening playoff game, his hockey team lost 3-1 in their season opener, and our local MLS team also lost. Kind of like this past weekend when 2 out of 3 football teams lost (Jets and Rutgers). Here's hoping the Yanks perform better tonight!
I, on the other hand, had a pretty good night. I didn't knit or craft at all, but James Marsters is on Without a Trace. Only for a few minutes last night, but enough to bring back fond memories of Spike. I love those cheekbones, but I'm not a huge fan of his current hair.
Exciting weekend coming up. Well, not really. Lots of housekeeping. We might take B costume shopping tomorrow. Then Sunday, B and I have to go birthday shopping for Hubby.

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Amy Lane said...

The sock surgery sounds *shudder* painful...but if it gets you out of beaded rib, I'm all for it...I'm doing corrugated rib on a pair of mittens--size ones, etc.--and it's making me want scrape my eyeballs out with tiny pinking shears...