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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If you read my blog

You know at least one woman who's had PPD.

Please contact your Senator to ask them to support The Mother's Act.

I haven't talked about PPD in a while, mostly because my depression's in remission, at least enough so I can ignore it.

But, almost everyday we hear about some woman who didn't have the resources I had. Who didn't tell her doctor she'd been crying for hours every afternoon for two weeks or that she'd been having these horrible thoughts she couldn't control or that she simply cannot handle motherhood. Because I had a doctor with no qualms about prescribing an anti-depressant, because I had health insurance, my baby and I survived. Lots of moms and babies don't. Even in the cases where it doesn't cause murder or suicide, PPD has an incredibly negative impact on the families involved. A child can't reach his full potential if he doesn't feel loved and nurtured. Mommies with PPD can't give that love and reassurance.

My state senators are sponsoring the bill, with Senator Menendez having introduced it. Our former Acting Governor's wife has been very vocal and active as a PPD survivor. Voices are being heard in NJ, are they being heard in your state?

Thanks to Thor for pointing this out.


Amy Lane said...

Mmm...not such a big topic here in Cali--but it probably should be. I'm definitely big on the 'rocking the vote' thing, so I'll keep my ears open.

CygKnit said...

I know you posted this weeks ago, but I sill have to comment. I have to thank you for talking so openly about your PPD. I kept you in mind the last few months, finally realizing that it was time to make a call. I don't feel the shame I felt with "regular" depression, and I think it's because you have dealt with PPD--and have gotten through it. Thank you.