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Monday, October 08, 2007

I should be starting the toe shaping tonight. I'll just do a few more rows. So, maybe a finished sock tomorrow? Then, I need to rip my house apart to find my smaller chibi needles. I need a fine point to add the lifeline to sock 1 before I chop it up.

In other news, I made my large chart holder. I painted on Saturday and sewed yesterday. I'm not sure if it's the paint or the magnets, but it's not quite as magnetic as I would like. But, it's working so far. I've got a couple of ideas on how to tweak the design for the chart holder (different materials mostly). I'm about an inch into the pattern on the sweater. I'm very worried I'm not going to have enough yarn. I have 15 balls of the blue (1920 yards) and 5 balls of the white (640 yards), which Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements tells me isn't quite enough to make a 48" sweater at 6 st/inch. We'll see. (And yes, I do want to knit faster to see how it's going to work out, especially since I can't find the fifth ball of white.) Maybe Hubby will like a vest!

I will try to get a pic of the chart holder and the sweater tonight.

It was a nice quiet weekend. We bought B's Halloween costume (Optimus Prime) on Saturday and yesterday B and I had fun buying gifts for Hubby. I hope he likes them. B told Hubby this morning that we'd bought him presents and was going to show him the surprise. I don't know if he's going to hold out until Sunday!


Wendee said...

I love the way these socks are patterning! Such a pretty colorway. I hope your sock surgery goes well!

Adrienne said...

If it's the magnetic paint that you get at Lowe'sDepot, it takes many more coats than youthink it should to get it nice and magnetic. You can also try rare earth magnets.

Amy Lane said...

Oh--those are adorable! (And have fun w/ Optimus Prime...hee hee hee...)