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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've started hacking up the sock with the bad heel. Sock with the good heel might still be a little short, but we'll judge after it's had a bath and been worn a bit (cotton does tend to stretch out). I hope to have bad heel sock back on the needles tonight. I'd love to have this pair of socks done by the weekend.
I've been making good progress with the St. Andrew's sweater, about a quarter of the way through. I guess I should try to take a picture.
Yesterday was a really busy day for me, lots of meetings at work, but it was a good day.
My grandfather had his colon surgery yesterday morning. They only had to remove a foot of the colon; the spot (no one's called it a tumor yet) was only the size of a quarter. They were able to do the surgery laparoscopically so he should be able to go home in less than a week. They'll have the pathology results on the lymph nodes about the same time. Then he'll know if he needs radiation or chemo or nothing at all.
Dad had a positive experience at the pain clinic yesterday. They did a try out for a new type of injection and it left him with a pain-free lower back for a few hours, usually he gets no relief from the injections. Next week he goes to get the real ones (they could last six months to a year depending on nerve growth). Next, the pain doctor goes to work on his neck (he has spine narrowing in the lumbar and cervical spine). He's also been prescribed a fentanyl patch (one doctor said the darvon's like tylenol, so why do they have a guy with a debilitating pain condition on tylenol?). I was hoping the his new primary doc would be more aggressive with the pain management. Dad's big request was for the new doc to make it so he could drive again, then he'll go to physical therapy.
I got a nice gift from someone yesterday. A friend gave me a belated birthday gift, a gift certificate to PURL. She also took me out to a nice lunch. Since she and her family are moving to Connecticut from San Antonio next month, I think I need to knit her a hat and scarf.
And then my B peed standing up for the first time. He was so proud! Such a big boy.

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Amy Lane said...

Here's to successful surgery and big boy B!!!