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Thursday, October 18, 2007

successful excision

I'm such a knitting dork, I took a picture of the excised toe on the train last night, as soon as I finished separating the two pieces. (Okay, the soon to be ripped heel made it into the pic as well.)
The heel was completely ripped and turned before I got off the train. I even managed to pick up for the gusset.

I expect to complete the gusset this afternoon. I'm taking a one o'clock bus home (Billy has a doctor's appointment because his cough's been around for a week and a half and is not getting better) so I should be able to get the gusset completely done. Tomorrow's commute should see these socks completed (so long as I can graft reasonably well in pattern).

That means Dragon socks become the commute knitting for next week.

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Wendee said...

Gulp! You are so brave!