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Thursday, October 04, 2007

no sock pics today

I have the battery and charger with me, but not the camera. I can't take pics of the socks for you. Maybe tomorrow. I still have a few inches to knit before I hit the toe on number 2. Maybe surgery will commence next week, but I still wanted to put pics of the two heels so you could see why I think #2 is superior.

So, instead, a pic of me and B. He gets his complexion from his dad, obviously, but he looks a lot like my dad. We've had a rough couple of days. I had a basically no-show period and haven't levelled back out. He's been super grumpy himself. I was over an hour late for work yesterday because he just wouldn't eat his breakfast, but he also wouldn't get in the car. This morning went much better. What is better than having your kid blow you kisses?

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Amy Lane said...

What a lovely picture! Happy mom, fidgeting boy--you're right...good times make up for the rough ones!