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Thursday, July 12, 2007

systems failure

For the second morning in a row, all of the systems my team and I need to do our jobs are inaccessible. Yesterday, they came back online at twenty minutes of one. Yep, nearly four hours lost. And they are down again this morning. I sure hope they're back up earlier today.

In paranoid moments, I think it's just a plot by my European colleagues to slow us down. We've out produced them so far this month.

The other system failing is the potty thing at home. B will parrot us in saying, repeatedly throughout the day, that he's going to start pooping on the potty. And then he doesn't. And now, he's not peeing on the potty so much anymore. I know I'm supposed to be supportive and all positive reinforcement, but I'm pissed. He gets it, I know he does, so why isn't he doing it?

On a positive note, I have to thank Tracy for her elegant solution to my CeCe problem. I started again, same needles, smaller size. The pattern has the sizes only 2" apart, so the 36" size at the same gague with my ginormouse YOs will give me a 38" bust size. Perfect for lazy me who didn't feel like swatching again and couldn't find bamboo US 9 circs locally.

I've been making some good progress. I've started the second set of eyelets.

Thanks Amy for her suggestion, too. I might try that after I make a real swatch with the US 2s.

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Amy Lane said...

Hey--don't feel bad about the potty training...Cave Troll's still in diapers. He can go pee-pee in the potty...he can tell us when he has to go...he can go all by himself. But when we put him in underwear he takes them off, finds the pull ups and changes them when we're not looking.

Diabolical little booger.