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Friday, July 20, 2007

you don't have to read this post

Because I'm about to underwhelm you.

I wouldn't post at all, but since I was away from the blog for nearly a week, I feel I should put something up.

Sleeve one on CeCe is purt near done. I had it attached to the body but it was looking funky, so I took it off and am going to re-do. I think the adult beverages apres dinner may have caused some of the funk. At any rate, I love being able to knit a sleeve in the course of a couple of hours.

I'd show you a picture but the three I took this morning turned out like crap.

I started another red and black scarf last night. I'm not happy with it.

In other news our systems are down, again. If things aren't back up soon, I'm sending everyone home. No point in the staff sitting here twiddling their fingers.

This weekend should be a pretty quiet one at home, other than Hubby and I going to the Yankee game tomorrow night. Have a good one!

I'd like to see Nevada, too. All I ever see are the casinos!

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Amy Lane said...

hee hee, no, my craptacular pictures are still the worst on the blog...seriously--I set the standard so low, you can post at will, and they will look fabulous!!!! (besides, I'm liking the look of that sweater and I want to see more!)